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By DogTenderAdmin  

PTPA= potty training puppy apartment by. modernpuppies.com advice?

the website is

go there and on the first page is a video, just push play and it shows you what i’m talking about

it is a crate, that has a divider with a little opening which leads to a potty pad, i thought this would be a good way to train my puppy since i do not mind her going on wee wee pads

please if you have used it or know someone who has please give me some feedback or reviews. i’m kind of scared to purchase it since i do not know if it will work


here is a link to my youtube page and the video plays there

i looked at the website and i can honestly say that is the most stupid thing i have ever seen … and the only people who would buy that are people very uneducated about how to housebreak a puppy … you do not train a dog to go indoors for any reason at all … and puppy pee pads and the crate together, no matter how urban and cool they make it sound, it is just stupid … to housebreak a dog you take it outside a lot … read up on crate training and the entire point of crate training is so they won’t go in the house or their crate … and these fools have designed something that will just make housebreaking a dog an even more of a hassle … do not buy this, it is such a scam and waste of money … if you want to housebreak a puppy, do it the right way, don’t look for crazy internet shortcuts … and by the way, the entire point of a crate is so they do not soil where they live … this teaches the exact opposite …

Puppy Apartment

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